High Street​​ Neighborhood Center

One-Year-Old Teachers 

Ms. Tajuana 

Ms. Tajuana began teaching in the one -year-old room in April of 2015 and has moved to the two-year-old room in 2017. Now she moves about the center working with all the children.  She loves to see the kids' curiosity and intelligence bloom and grow as they spend time here. The kids in the two-year-old room are lovable and she likes watching their personalities develop.​

​Ms. Ashley

Ms. Jada

Ms. Jada is a teacher in the one year old room.  She has eight years of experience in childcare.  She started working in child care at the age of 15. Ms. Jada's favorite hobbies are listening to music, drawing, writing, and doing hair.  What motivates her everyday is knowing each day she wakes up, she can always work hard and be better. 

Ashley Redford

Assistant Director

Miss. Ashley began teaching at High Street in 2007 in the 1 year old room, but later moved up to the 4 year old class to teach Pre-K. In 2015, Miss Ashley became the Assistant Director and Bookkeeper of the center. She graduated from Bluegrass Community and Technical College with a degree of Associates of Applied Science.

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Taylor has been working in child care since 2019, and joined our team in 2021.  She looks forward to seeing the children's bright smiles everyday.  She is a strong believer in learning through play.​

Ms. Sierra

Ms. Sierra has been working with children since 2017, and joined our team in 2022.  She wants to see each child grow in knowledge and independence.  She loves learning all of the personalities and hearing all of the children's personalities. 

Betty Brashear 

Beloved bookkeeper and assistant director of 15 years, Miss Betty unfortunately passed away August 27, 2015. While this loss shook all who loved and knew her here at High Street, we know her loving presence remains with us today and she will not be forgotten for all the hard work she did to help make this center a wonderful, welcoming place for children. 

Ms. Angela

Ms. Angela is our new cook.  She finds great joy in cooking for the children.  She enjoys learning how important it is for the children to eat healthy.  This job is different from other cooking jobs she has had in the past, but she loves its.

Three-Year-Old Teachers 

Ms. Kyra​

Ms. Kyra is new to our center.  However, she knew at a young age she wanted to be a teacher.  This passion has flown into this classroom where she loves nothing more than to watch the children grow and learn.

Four-Year-Old Teachers

Support Staff

​​Ms. Erin

Ms. Erin has been working with us since 2022.  She has a deep love of children.  She wants nothing more than to see them grow and learn.

Meet the Staff

Ms. CeCe

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In Memory 

Two-Year-Old Teachers 

Samantha Brown 

Miss Samantha joined High Street in September 2020.  She has experience in the classroom and has her bachelor's in education.  She is a member of the USAF and an active member of her church.  She loves that we share the message of Christ in the classroom. She also enjoys watching their curious minds at work, asking questions about their world. 

Ms. Cassida

Ms. Cassida is a wonderful teacher at High Street and so excited to be a part of our team.  In her words; "The best part about the job has to be the children.  They make each day so special in their own little ways.  I am so gretaful to be around such a good group of children."  Looking to show her love in a daycare setting Ms. Cassida came to us from watching multiple children.  "I'm so blessed for this new position and experience."

​​​​Ms. Raheeq

Ms. Raheeq has work at High Street since spring of 2016.  She has a teaching degree from Bagdad, where she is from.  She has worked with all ages during her time at High Street, but after the retirement of Ms. Terry, she became the Preschool teacher.  She loves watching our 4 year olds grow and learn. 

Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie has been working with H.S.N.C since 2021. She loves working with each child and exploring how they think.  She is a big advocate for discovery learning.