Terry Moss

Miss. Terry has been dedicated to teaching at High Street since 1980. She spent 12 years working in the two-year-old classroom and 19 years working in the three-year-old classroom. Before coming to High Street she taught art education in public schools and she loves incorporating that knowledge into the art projects she does with her three-year-olds. She finds High Street to be an unbelievable teaching environment because of the diversity of the children that she has taught through the years.

​Linda Thompson

Miss. Linda has been the fabulous cook at High Street for 9 years. All of her grandchildren were students at High Street Neighborhood Center, so it has a very special place in her heart. You can find her working hard in the kitchen each morning, preparing healthy meals for the children with a big smile on her face and an encouraging word for anyone who passes through. She chooses to work at High Street because anyone who steps through the doors cannot help but to fall in love with the kids. In her words, the children quickly become a part of you and that makes it all worthwhile.

Angie Padgett 

Miss. Angie wins the award for having taught at High Street the longest, having been since 1970! She adores teaching the 3-year-olds, especially in the moments when their faces light up after finally mastering a skill with which they had been struggling. Angie also enjoys maintaining the close relationships she has with the students even after they graduate from High Street and loves when they come back to see her.

Shelby Pack

Miss. Shelby has been teaching in the 3 year old classroom at High Street since 2016. She loves watching the kids' creativity and individuality develop alongside one another. The kids are so open and loving towards everyone they meet. She loves the community of coworkers here at High Street and how welcoming everyone is. 

Philnesha Brank

Miss. Philly started working at High Street in 2019. She has been working in childcare since 2000. She likes working in the one-year-old room, she likes the way the babies are eager to learn and she enjoys be able to provide their wants and needs.

Whitney Schlansky

Miss. Whitney has been the director of High Street Neighborhood Center since 2001. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a major in Family Studies and a minor in Early Childhood Education. She has been in the field of early childhood education for 25 years and has been in administration for 19 years. The best part about being at High Street Neighborhood Center for her is the support the center gets from the churches and the community. The feeling that she is making a difference keeps her coming back year after year.

Four-Year-Old Teachers

Support Staff

Ashley Redford 

Assistant Director

Miss. Ashley began teaching at High Street in 2007 in the 1 year old room, but later moved up to the 4 year old class to teach Pre-K. In 2015, Miss Ashley became the Assistant Director and Bookkeeper of the center. She graduated from Bluegrass Community and Technical College with a degree of Associates of Applied Science

Jasmine Wilkinson

Miss. Jasmine started working at High Street in 2018. She enjoys watching the one-year-olds grow into toddlers and the excitement they have to learn new things. She is excited to see where her journey with High Street leads.


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Three-Year-Old Teachers 

Betty Brashear 

Beloved bookkeeper and assistant director of 15 years, Miss Betty unfortunately passed away August 27, 2015. While this loss shook all who loved and knew her here at High Street, we know her loving presence remains with us today and she will not be forgotten for all the hard work she did to help make this center a wonderful, welcoming place for children. 

Milane Yancey

Miss. Milane started working at High Street in 2019.

Raheeq Abdulameer

Miss. Raheeq started working at High Street in the Spring of 2016. She is a "breaker" - she gives each of the other teachers their breaks throughout the day. She likes working with all the different age groups. Originally from Iraq, Miss Raheeq previously taught at a college. She says this environment is different, but she truly enjoys working with the kids at High Street. She likes learning alongside the kids, improving her English skills and coming up with new ideas to interact with the kids and teach them about their world.

Adedamola Osho​​

Miss. Demola started working at High Street in 2019. She likes watching them discover themselves and find their likes/interests. She enjoys getting to know their strengths and their weaknesses so she can help them work on their weakness and build on their strengths. 

Tajuana Smith 

Miss. Tajuana began teaching in the one -year-old room in April of 2015 and has moved to the two-year-old room in 2017. She loves to see the kids' curiosity and intelligence bloom and grow as they spend time here. The kids in the two-year-old room are lovable and she likes watching their personalities develop.

Judy Perkins

​Miss. Judy started working at High Street in 

Taracita Peake 

Miss. 'Cita began working at High Street during the summer of 2016. She likes reading with the kids and getting down on the floor with them and being involved as they play with building blocks and other learning activities. She enjoys watching their curious minds at work, asking questions about their world.

Lara Abuharb

Miss. Lara has been teaching in the two-year-old classroom since 2012. She moved to the one-year-old room in 2017 and has loved every moment of it! Above all, she loves doing music with the children. Singing, clapping, dancing, and playing instruments is one of the highlights of their day in the one-year-old classroom.

Desiree Robertson

​Miss. Desiree began working at High Street in 2019. She enjoys the twos busy personalities. She likes that they are always ready to learn something new. She enjoys helping them gain their independence and helping them grow.